Technology Park

Aligning Student Success with Workforce Development Needs

For more than a decade, the Cal Poly Technology Park has been a beacon of success, fostering the exchange of technical knowledge and expertise. It’s a space where academia, public and private stakeholders, faculty, students and strategic partners have all contributed to its thriving ecosystem, a testament to its enduring success. The vision of the Cal Poly-affiliated technology park is to foster the exchange of technical knowledge and expertise between the educational and business communities and, second, to provide physical space and services to facilitate this exchange.

Tenancy Criteria

To stay true to the Tech Park’s vision, potential tenants should be technology-based with a focus complementary to Cal Poly’s technical programs and demonstrate how the campus location and access to students and faculty will benefit both the Tech Park tenant and the university. A significant aspect of the tenant’s operation should be applied research and workforce development. The scope of R&D activities in the park will ideally represent a broad array of technology areas that draw from Cal Poly’s curricular strengths and faculty expertise.

Central Coast Lifestyle

The quality of life that San Luis Obispo offers is ideal for companies with progressive wellness policies that put health and work-life-balance at the core of its employee relations.

Halfway Between LA and SF

Located on California's central coast, San Luis Obispo is a simple three-hour drive to San Francisco or Los Angeles. SLO Regional Airport has daily direct flights to San Francisco, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Denver and Seattle.

315 Days of Sunshine

Abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation, creative arts and culture combined with nearly 100 Fortune 1000 companies within an hour's airtime, SLO has a lot to offer: Yes, that includes over 300 days of sunshine a year.

Tech Park Expansion

The new 16,200-square-foot expansion increased the propriety space available to university partners and further aligns the university’s mission of student success with workforce and innovation needs. The long-term plan is to expand the park into a 120,000-square-foot campus that will further enable, encourage and facilitate innovation in an interdisciplinary environment that brings together students, faculty and strategic partners.

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Workforce Development Opportunities

Tech Park tenants can work with some of the country’s most capable young minds and build a custom workforce from interns to future leaders. And being on the campus of a comprehensive polytechnic university offers proximity to working faculty experts.

High Quality Fiber Optic

Tenants enjoy access to specialized equipment such as usability test facilities, rapid prototyping laboratories and other university resources. The state-of-the-art Tech Park campus sits atop an extensive network of high-quality fiber-optic networks connecting the Pan-Pacific and North American networks.

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Campus Support

The prestige of working on campus at one of the nation’s most sought-after higher education institutions continues beyond the name. There are opportunities to partner with the university in pursuit of grants and contracts and access to business assistance programs, angel financing networks, technology councils, and more.

Location and Amenities

Within proximity to several hundred tech businesses, the Tech Park also provides shared facilities like conference rooms, access to campus services (fee based) for IT support, graphic design, copy and printing, web design and hosting, and catering.

Business and Financial Services

Companies have access to a network of local business
professionals to assist with locating investors, financing and business services and basic business functions such as accounting, and human resources.