board of Directors

Providing Direction and Guidance

Comprised of a notable and representative group of 13 faculty, staff, students and community leaders, our board of directors are committed to supporting Cal Poly and its educational mission.

Cynthia Vizcaíno Villa

Senior Vice President, Administration & Finance

“Cal Poly Partners was founded for the sole purpose of supporting student success and the educational mission of Cal Poly.  Each day 2,000 employees contribute to creating the amazing educational experience and community for which Cal Poly is renowned. Cal Poly Partners makes us ‘Cal Poly Proud,’ and it is my honor to serve on the board of directors.”

Cindy Villa

Cynthia Jackson-Elmoore

Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Vice Chair

“I am proud to work with Cal Poly Partners in service to the campus community through its support of teaching, learning and the student experience. Cal Poly Partners helps make Cal Poly the special place to Learn by Doing we are known for.”

Damon Fleming

Dean and Professor of Accounting, Orfalea College of Business

“Cal Poly Partners is essential in our mission to educate career-ready future leaders in a polytechnic Learn by Doing environment and produce research that positively influences society.”


Damon Fleming

Dean Wendt

Dean of Research, College of Science and Mathematics
Director, Audit Committee Member

“Cal Poly Partners is central to the success of the university and our students. It enables successful partnerships in teaching and research, and it makes Cal Poly a more effective community for student learning.”


Keith Humphrey

Vice President, Student Affairs

“I serve on the Cal Poly Partners board of directors because so many of the programs and services they offer have a direct impact on our student’s experience, and it’s important to ensure that the focus remains on students.”

Geri LaChance

President and CEO of SESLOC Federal Credit Union

“SESLOC has been rooted in supporting education and educators for nearly 80 years so the opportunity to serve with the Cal Poly Partners board is an honor; the university is a defining part of this community’s heritage of educational excellence. I am happy to contribute to improving the student experience, growing Cal Poly’s reach and ensuring fiscally sound operations.”

Steven Rein

Associate Professor, College of Science and Mathematics
Director, Business and Finance Advisory Committee Member

“As a Cal Poly faculty member for more than 20 years, a parent of a Cal Poly graduate and local community member, I want Cal Poly Partners to be successful. Cal Poly and the students benefit from the hard work and services provided by the Cal Poly Partners. As Cal Poly continues forward into the future, this partnership will play a necessary part of student success.”

Patrick Mullen

Division Director, Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Director, Business and Finance Advisory Committee Chair

“As a member of the local business community, Cal Poly alumnus and Cal Poly parent, I have seen first-hand the terrific impact Cal Poly has on our community, region and state. Cal Poly Partners plays a critical role in supporting our students’ success. From dining, books and student support programs, Cal Poly Partners improves the lives of our students and of those in our neighboring communities.”

Cara Wright

CEO, Farm Supply Company

I am incredibly honored to serve on the Cal Poly Partners board as an alum and representative of our local business and agriculture communities. This organization’s commitment to Cal Poly’s Learn by Doing philosophy is an integral part of the university’s success and enhancement of each student’s educational experience.”

Cara Wright
Sean Hurley

Sean Hurley, Ph.D.

Professor, College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Science
Director, Audit Committee Chair

Cal Poly Partners has a tremendously positive effect on the campus and local community through the services it offers; touching the lives of everyone on campus in one way or another. I am honored to serve on the board as a Faculty Senate representative and to help guide the organization in helping Cal Poly fulfill its Learn by Doing mission.”


Cyrus Ramezani

Professor, Orfalea College of Business

Being on the board has afforded me the opportunity to see the contributions Cal Poly Partners makes to the university life and the due diligence undertaken to arrive at most business decisions. As a long-time faculty member, I am lucky to see things from the academic and student perspective, and bring their concerns to the decision-making process. I am honored to be part of this very important economic unit at Cal Poly.

Cyrus Ramezani
Toby Walpole

Aaron Fernandes

Industrial Engineering
Student Director

“As a Cal Poly student and beneficiary of Cal Poly Partners’ work, I am honored to be given the opportunity to learn from, and partner with campus and industry leaders to influence decisions that enrich our Cal Poly campus experience and demonstrate the Learn by Doing mission to the community we serve.”

Toby Walpole

Student Director

“I am honored and proud to partner with Cal Poly Partners in service to the students. Through Cal Poly Partners, the Learn by Doing mission continues to inspire students by improving our educational experience and providing us the means to make change in our communities.”

Toby Walpole


Audit Committee

Sean Hurley – Chair
Dean E. Wendt – Member

Investment Advisory Committee

Matt Wilson – Chair
Larry Lahr – Member
Cyrus Ramezani – Member
Geri LaChance – Member
Carolyn Herzog – Member 

Business and Finance Advisory Committee

Patrick Mullen – Chair
Steve R. Rein – Member
Angie Kraetsch – Member
Marc F. Benadiba – Member
Ed Rainbolt – Member
Heather Zacker – Member
David Valadez – Member