SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA – The Outdoor Spaces Project recently purchased portable battery chargers that will be available to support students, faculty and staff in their on-campus virtual work and classes.

These new portable chargers are free to check out and will allow the campus community to utilize the multitude of outside study areas on campus without worrying about their laptop’s battery going dead.

“With all of the new safety practices and protocols throughout campus, everyone in the Cal Poly community is spending a lot more time outside studying, attending class and responsibly socializing,” Cal Poly Corporation Associate Executive Director Andrea Burns said. “These batteries will help make it a little easier and less stressful to work and enjoy our beautiful weather.”

The chargers are available at the tech desk inside the University Store and will be available for rent for up to four hours free of charge. The renter will be asked to leave a form of ID or credit card to check the chargers out.

With these new portable battery chargers, students, faculty and staff will have a wider range of places to work and relax around Cal Poly’s Campus.

The Outdoor Spaces Project is jointly funded by Cal Poly University, ASI, and Cal Poly Corporation.