SAN LUIS OBISPO – Nearly three-hundred tons of trash will be kept from a Central Coast landfill this year, thanks to a composting agreement at Cal Poly.

The university struck a deal with Engel and Gray Inc., a Santa Maria company that specializes in composting. Now biodegradable waste generated at Cal Poly will be taken to the facility and turned into a premium soil.

Three on-campus restaurants generate three-hundred tons of trash each year. What students toss out, usually makes its way to a local landfill, now the half-eaten hamburgers and salads will be made into compost.

“Eventually it will make its way back onto agriculture fields and grow new food,” said Jim Reinhart, Cal Poly Corporation.

The agreement makes Cal Poly more sustainable, which is something students can appreciate.

“We’re making it a priority. We’re putting money behind it even if it costs additional funds to increase the sustainable efforts. We’re doing that,” said Reinhart.

“I think it’s really cool,” said Moniko Coronel, a student.

Freshman Collin Rutherford said, “I’ve never experienced conservation efforts like this before coming here, and it’s kind of a neat thing to see. It’s good for the planet.”