SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA – Cal Poly students, with help from Campus Dining and the Cal Poly Honors Program, recently donated 500 meals to the Prado Day Center to help feed those in need.

The donation program came together near the end of winter quarter, and students showed up in a big way. The Cal Poly Honors Program and Campus Dining hosted two separate tabling events in the University Union where students were able to donate meal credits from their dining plans.

In a show of passionate support for their adopted community, students lined up and donated 250 meals during each session. At the request of the shelter, each donation was turned into a meal consisting of a sandwich or wrap, whole fruit and milk that was provided by Campus Dining.

“This was a great program that we couldn’t have been more excited to participate in,” Campus Dining Assistant Director Russell Monteath said. “We are heavily invested in the campus and the community, and this enabled our students to demonstrate the passion that they have for helping others.”

During the two tabling events, March 15 and 20, students were able to donate up to 10 meal credits. Following the donation sessions, Campus Dining delivered a total of 500 meals to the Prado Day Center, assisting them in feeding their 100 daily visitors. The center provides food, shelter and personal care to the local homeless community. Cal Poly Corporation and Campus Dining have been a long-time supporter of the Prado Day Center.