Campus Dining is once again working with the Cal Poly Farm to feature student-grown produce in its dishes and venues throughout campus.

Fruits and vegetables from the Cal Poly Farm have been used in Campus Dining cuisine, including salads at Red Radish and seasonal dishes at Myron’s Bistro for many years, however, last January Executive Chef Rensford Abrigo started working directly with the farm to procure more of its produce. 

“The fruits and veggies that these students are growing are delicious, and they’re grown less than a couple miles away, which is about as fresh and local as it comes,” Abrigo said. “Growing up on a farm myself, I love supporting ag students. As a chef now, I love having close access to great produce.”  

This fall the avocados from the farm are the stars of the Avocado Toast at Brunch, the heirloom tomatoes are highlighted in the Panzanella Salad at Hearth, the romaine lettuce is the base of the Caesar Salad at Streats, and the green onions feature prominently in the ramen at Noodles.

The weekly produce shipments feature a rotating menu of standard items as well as seasonal yields that are used in special dishes or simply sold whole at the markets, such as the oranges sold at the markets last winter.