Engaging Gen Z students and the work done to connect and communicate with them on campus was the main focus of a presentation recently given by Cal Poly Corporation staff at the national C3X Annual Conference and Expo in Orlando, Florida on Oct. 15.

Focusing on digital transformation and its role in re-engineering marketing and communications for student success at universities, the corporation’s Ellen Curtis and Dan Banfield delved into the work that is being implemented to specifically engage Gen Z, the current generation occupying college campuses.

“We are always looking for ways to better serve the university and our students,” Curtis said. “From research, we understood that we needed to change the way we were communicating to better engage this new cohort of students.”

Curtis, director of marketing and communications, and Banfield, senior director of business and finance, were selected to present at the national C3X Annual Conference and Expo on the cutting-edge ideas and progressive marketing and communications updates implemented at Cal Poly.

Hosted by the National Association of College Auxiliary, C3X brings leaders from more than 700 higher education institutions, and 200 business partners together to collaborate, share and develop campus solutions.

“It was great to have the opportunity to present and share everything that we have learned about engaging Gen Z to a national audience,” Banfield said. “Ellen and I have learned a lot and we’re eager to speak about the impact our marketing transformation has had on our campus.”

View the presentation here