SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA. – More than 10 years ago, Carly Baker, wife of previous Cal Poly President Warren Baker, started a bi-monthly effort to help feed the homeless by volunteering with the People’s Kitchen at the Prado Day Center. Today, Cal Poly Corporation and Campus Dining have been a proud part of the Cal Poly community that has sustained the long-standing community service action.

Several corporation employees participate in the Cal Poly group of supporters that volunteer the third Monday of every other month, serving lunch to around 120 Prado Day Center clients. The corporation and Campus Dining prepare and provide part of the meal that the Cal Poly group serves with the People’s Kitchen. Lunch at the Prado Day Center is run by The People’s Kitchen.

“We have been so fortunate to have the ongoing support of the Cal Poly community,” said Mary Parker, president of the People’s Kitchen board of directors. “They play a very important role in our organization’s success.”

Though the Bakers are no longer a part of the current Cal Poly administration, Carly Baker and Sharon Armstrong have teamed up and continue to make the People’s Kitchen volunteer service a priority, with the help of Campus Dining and Cal Poly Corporation.