SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA – The Cal Poly Corp. has reached agreement with Follett Higher Education Group to operate the Cal Poly University Store effective July 1.

Store operations under this agreement include the on-campus University Store located in the University Union, Cal Poly Downtown and the University Store e-commerce site.

The Follett selection is the result of a Request for Proposals process launched by the corporation last November. Key elements of the contract include three-year guaranteed employment for all University Store staff at current salaries and employment opportunities for all part-time and student staff.

“Retention of our existing staff and textbook affordability for students are critical components of our partnership with Follett,” said Lorlie Leetham, executive director of Cal Poly Corp. and associate vice president of commercial services. “We are grateful to our University Store team for their dedication to the campus community and their patience and support through this process.”

Follett currently operates more than 1,200 campus stores across the country and has been a higher education service provider for more than 140 years. The new contract is expected to provide Cal Poly with expanded courseware offerings and services, and access to Follett’s retail design offerings and other resources. Follett will enhance the shopping experience for Cal Poly customers, offering state-of-the-art technologies and systems to support the campus community.

“It is vital that Cal Poly have a partner who represents the university’s commitment to ongoing improvement and reinforces our ability to meet the needs of today’s campus and today’s students,” said Leetham. “Follett has had remarkable staying power in the higher education industry and has demonstrated its commitment to innovative store design and services – particularly attractive features for a campus with our proud history.”