SAN LUIS OBISPO — Conference and event organizers now have the added assurance that Cal Conference & Event Planning (CEP) is One-Stop Shop Certified.

The recently awarded certification confirms that CEP meeting planners will have one point of contact for all services, one all-encompassing contract and one itemized bill at the conclusion of the event or conference.

The certification is provided through the Association of Collegiate Conference and Event Directors-International (ACCED-I). ACCED-I is the only professional association dedicated to collegiate conferences and events. It is valid for five years, with self-certification required every year.

CEP hosts more than 125 conferences and events at Cal Poly each year, offering facilities and conference services to university departments and external organizations.

Services include coordination of indoor and outdoor facilities, reservations, food and beverage, registration and reporting, event staffing and many other functions. CEP can accommodate groups from 50-500 attendees for events spanning 1-10 days, including recurring events.

About Cal Poly Conference & Event Planning

Cal Poly Conference & Event Planning, a commercial service of the Cal Poly Corporation, offers a wide variety of facilities and conference services. It serves university departments as well as external organizations, professional associations and agencies. It also provides campus housing accommodations during the summer. For more information, visit