Written by Brianna Grossman for Mustang News, Nov. 20, 2023

It’s late in the afternoon and Zoe Woomer is in the back room of University Graphic Systems (UGS). She’s manually folding a large stack of calendars designed by a local San Luis Obispo artist; the first of 300 to be included in the order, which is expected to go out the next day. 

Woomer, with hands stained green from a screenprinting event earlier that day, takes her time, carefully aligning and folding the calendars with precision. The silence of the room is cut only by the faint sound of paper rustling and the distant chatter of the front office. 

You won’t see it passing by the UGS office, nor would you see it standing at the front desk, but behind the cluster of cubicles, is the heart and soul of Cal Poly’s print and publishing business.