SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA – New for the 2020-21 school year, Cal Poly now offers a reusable tumbler to increase campus sustainability, safety and convenience. These reusable tumblers can be found at multiple dining facilities around Cal Poly’s campus including Campus Market and Vista Grande Dining Complex.

Cal Poly tumblers are accessible to all members of the Cal Poly community. These sleek and durable on-the-go cups are free to first-year students on a dining plan. For other students, faculty and staff, they are offered at $8.50 and come with five drink fills.

Each Cal Poly branded tumbler is embedded with a scannable chip that can be loaded with up to 20 pre-purchased drinks.

“I am super excited about using the Cal Poly tumbler,” first-year psychology student Avery Anderson said. “I think this is great and easy swap that we can make that will make such a huge impact on the waste we produce daily on campus. The prepaid drinks are also very convenient for when I am in a rush.”

The simple practice of using reusable cups will help Campus Dining keep thousands of single-use cups out of landfills and helps us lower our environmental footprint. The tumblers also help reinforce Cal Poly’s commitment to sustainably.

On top of the sustainability and convenience benefits, students will easily be able to keep them clean. Multiple dining locations on campus now offer a countertop cup sanitizer that uses ultraviolent light to inactivate 99.99 percent of viruses and bacteria that are harmful to humans in only 20 seconds.

They are conveniently located next to the beverage stations so that they are widely noticeable and accessible.